To office, or not to office… it’s not really the question

We’re at the pointy end of the pandemic where conversation is escalating about the pros and cons of a return to The Office.
But newsflash – we’re missing the point. The future of work isn’t about geography. What it is in fact about is dynamic talent. Both finding it. And keeping it.

If Covid-19 proved nothing else it’s that businesses – even big ones – don’t need employees to congregate in one building to make magic happen. We’re free to hire the best person for the job, regardless of location. Restricting your options to a potentially limited group who live within a local commute zone doesn’t really make good business sense. And vice versa for employees.

We need to shift thinking when it comes to recruitment, and how a team works together. There is no doubt traditional businesses will struggle to adjust, but the truth is the 9 to 5 grind is dead. Flexibility is here to stay.

At Klick X we started this journey years ago creating a virtual workforce of global experts who collaborate and do the best work of their lives, while living their best lives.

Our advice? Build a team you trust to get work done in the hours that suit them, who honour your deadlines. Cultivate a culture of freedom and respect. Embrace digital systems to track and connect and prioritise culture with a remote workforce.

We solve business challenges with creative solutions that boost influence.

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