Liminal Space

Liminal Space 

The word ‘liminal’ comes from the Latin word limens, meaning ‘threshold’.

Right now, you may feel as though you are are standing in liminal space, in a place of in between.

In between knowing what to do. 

In between knowing what’s next. 

In between jobs, careers, relationships and homes. 

This year weve all been through a massive personal, professional and energetic transformation. Our foundations have been shaken and we’re deeply unsettled.

The most important thing any of us can do is recognise that we’re here, and make a choice to move forward.

For me, I have found peace through rituals that connect me to something deeper inside; practices that have helped me access the part of myself that has no fire, no desire for more and no ego.

Accessing this stillness has helped me feel safe during this period of upheaval and uncertainty.

I have also returned to the study of Human Design and the Gene Keys which has given me the necessary clarity to find stillness and make decisions for what’s next with a sense of ease.

The Klick X team has been working and living by these four concepts to try and keep our heads straight:

  • Enterprising – Use this time to pivot, create new ideas and find the opportunities in the challenge.
  • Grounding – No travel (obvs) so get grounded in spiritual practice, whatever that is for each of us.
  • Virtual – This is the new normal. We are helping our partners think about how their product, event, place or service could benefit from being virtual.
  • No Rules – Its time to break the rules. The only way we are going to get through something like this is to respond in ways that arent the norm.

What are you doing to embrace the liminal space? What rituals have you employed to ground yourself and dispel anxiety?

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