Life Enriching: The Klick X way

Life Enriching sounds like the name of a green smoothie but this is so much more than kale and bananas.

Klick X Founder and CEO Kim McKay explains, “When we rebranded we did what all brands do – thought about who we are and what we offer, but beyond that, we thought deeply about the future we want to create for our team, clients and partners.

“We came up with the concept of ‘Life Enriching’. A brand that is Life Enriching doesn’t consume you or the planet. It adds, not subtracts from your life. Working at Klick X or working with us should be a net positive for everyone.

“You leave better than you came – that’s true sustainability. This platform helps create a meaningful life that’s built on a firm foundation – but not one of traditional success. We’re working towards a new model that is a creative solution to what the work life blend is all about,” says Kim.

Many brands – especially service brands – think about who they are, why they exist and what they do but they don’t spend enough time thinking about who they are for.

So who is Klick X for?

Which brings up that tricky ‘P’ word: Purpose.

“I realised that the platform had to be meaningful to our team. The people I wanted to attract to Klick X are all about doing the best work of their lives, while living their best lives. Everything we do together has to enrich or elevate us all in some way,” says Kim.

Same goes for the people and brands Klick X works with.

Kim says, “They’re products and services that make the world a little better when enjoyed or experienced. They’re brands that exist to enrich you in some way. Travel is a great example of this, but it can be anything that makes life better so it could equally be a great bottle of wine or a good night’s sleep.”

Klick X brands are influential (but not in a Kardashian way). They’re trustworthy because they’re actually that good.

“The more influence you have, the more people will buy from you, more often. The more you win on brand influence, the more you save on advertising,” says Kim.

So why ‘Life Enriching’ now?

Kim says, “We have been hugely successful, profitable and award-winning for ten years but one thing I know in business is that what worked then, will not work tomorrow.

“Klick X was created on our tenth birthday to ensure the next ten years are more successful. We moved our team structure, virtual workforce, global experts and our focus from Communications to Creative Solutions,” says Kim.

The time for Life Enriching is now. Why?

Kim says, “Because we have no time to waste.”

We solve business challenges with creative solutions that boost influence.

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