Let’s talk about Values

It’s World Values Day so I want to talk values. It’s an important conversation.

This year’s theme is about putting your values into action. Making a difference to yourself and the world.

Values are our guiding compass, you could say, they make us who we are. My values show me the way and help me make decisions.

When is the last time you looked at your values and that of your business? We’ve always been taught that company values can never change. I don’t agree. They should change and evolve, as you do.

If you own or work in a company and the values sound like they could belong to anyone, it’s time to review. Values have to be personally meaningful.

At Klick X our values are: Light, Freedom, Entrepreneurship.

Light: We lead the way. We work to a higher vibration and focus on collaboration (not competition).

Freedom: We believe in a flexible approach to work and life. Freedom awaits. No exhaustion, no depletion. If it’s not working, let it go. Shift your mindset: ‘From force to flow’.

Entrepreneurship: We’re committed, driven and commercially minded.

Values. Big, important stuff.

What are your values? And how will you put them into action this year?

We solve business challenges with creative solutions that boost influence.

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