Better Days are Coming

Better days are coming

Did you use this crazy year to grow, strengthen and serve?

What have your learnt? About yourself and the people around you?

Most of us have been scared at some point. What did you do with that fear?

Are you hoping things will return to normal? They wont. Are you stuck in overthinking? That is not helping.

There have been some big waves rolling in this year, moving sand and reshaping the shoreline.

Markets have shifted, some activities become obsolete and others have gone from rare to commonplace. 

If youre still in business, this is an excellent time to lean in and become more relevant to your community.

As Machiavelli famously said, ‘Never waste a good crisis.’

Why? Because a crisis is an excellent time to shake things up. Do some important things between now and March 2021 because that’s when we’ll know if we’re coming out of this or not.

There’s no point coming up with a strategic plan. Set fire to your five year plan. 

Now is all about scenario planning. 

I mean, who wrote a strategy for a pandemic in their 2020 planning?

Answer: No one. 

Plan for business being good but also business being not so good. That way, you’ll be prepared for whatever happens. 

Better days are coming so take a breath, embrace uncertainty and use this time wisely because opportunities like this are oxygen for some and lead boots for others.

You decide if you sink or swim.

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