We call it the Klick X way.

Create opportunities.
Be in tune.
We’re all in.

These three principles guide our team each day.  They set us up for success with a relentless focus on finding the opportunity in every situation (there always is one), being in tune with consumers, culture, colleagues, ourselves and our commitment to collaboration. 

Together, they combine to make magic.

Work with global experts

We recruit the best talent and use the world’s best technology to deliver smart work.  Our team are selected for their expertise and not their address, it’s not about the daily commute for us.

We are accountable and transparent in the way we work together, and our processes facilitate seamless collaboration, communication and agility.

Future led and different by design

Ultimately success is about being valuable. Where would we be most valuable to you? The answer, providing creative solutions.

We are thought-leaders, trend forecasters, sharp story-tellers, influential experts, creative authorities, curious thinkers and carte blanche architects.

Our proprietary 3i approach

We are always focused on your growth and we know what it takes to reach your vision.

The key predictors of brand and business success today are Creativity + Influence.  Our super power is Creative Solutions and we know exactly what it takes to build a brand of Influence.

After obsessing and researching  influential brands for more than a decade, we have created the winning formula  for you to join their  ranks. We know that the worlds’ most influential brands do these things incredibly well.  This is what we call our 3i approach.  We can help you boost your influence with IP around these 3 success metrics:


They are seen and heard by the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


They have a relationship with their customer, that is more than a transaction. That relationship is intimate and personalised. The entire customer experience is a delight.


They bring new and meaningful products and services into the world.

"Klick X are an exciting team to work with and to watch working. They turn the fear of breaking down the wall between you and your customers into excitement. And opportunity."


"Klick X is at the forefront of digital marketing – their work around social strategies and influencer thinking – particularly targeting Australian markets, is second to none. The work that Klick X have done for Alberta is significant, trusted and appreciated."

SUSAN DARCH, Travel Alberta

"Klick X made The Modern a must-do experience for both Australian and US travellers – a true feat given the calibre of properties in Honolulu and the challenging competition in market. The Modern is now a millennial, brag-worthy hot-spot."

DOUGLAS RUCKER, Former Managing Director, The Modern Honolulu

"I love working with and creating stories alongside the Klick X team – in part, it's because they truly understand our readers and our audience's expectations, but also because they're a pleasure to collaborate with. The team's in-depth knowledge of the travel industry and commercial nous is evident in their communications – which are never 'one size fits all'. The team perfectly tailor their ideas to our needs and continually surprise me with their creativity and big-picture thinking. And, their events and activations are always a joy to attend!"

SONYA GELLERT, Travel Editor, Delicious.


Since 2014 Klick X has been recognised as a winner or finalist in over 100 prestigious Australian and International award programs. Here are some of our most recent awards.

Campaigns 2020

Mumbrella Travel Marketing Awards – Finalist Best Live Experience

Campaigns 2019

Mumbrella Travel Marketing Awards – Winner Best Influencer Campaign

MARCOM – Platinum for Comms/PR/Special Event

PRSA – Winner CSR

Campaigns 2018

Effie – Finalist PR Led Idea

PRSA – Winner Strategic Communication

HSMAI – Gold PR Campaign

Klick X Awards

Mumbrella – Highly Commended PR Agency of the Year (2019)

Mumbrella Travel – Highly Commended Agency of the Year (2019)

CommsCon – Winner Employer of the Year (2015 / 2016 / 2017) + Finalist (2018)

AdNews – Employer of the Year (2016)

Unleash the power of influence for your brand

Meet the team

We believe in like attracting like. We are creative, daring, inspiring, honest and curious – and so are you.

Our intention is to live in a world where everyone is creating the best work of their lives, while creating their best lives.

We believe in the integration – not separation – of work and life which is why we are true digital nomads embracing the #futureofwork

Founder + Expert

Kim McKay

Expert - Global Operations

Stephanie Chandra

Expert - Innovation

Cameron Crowley

Expert - Impact

Beau Kassas

Expert - Impact

Lauren Cowan

Expert - Interaction

Jesse Desjardins

Expert - Innovation + Interaction

Claire Hobson

Expert - Impact

Leni Andronicos

Expert - Wellbeing

Damian Rocks

Director - Hawaii

Malie Moran

Art Director

Rhys Edwards

We solve business challenges with creative solutions that boost influence.

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