A peek behind the curtain at Klick X

As every business and human is going through an evolutionary process. We know that every action, at this time, will make a difference. Every action I am taking is focused on the wellbeing of our team and the rebound of our business and industry.

Here’s an insight into how we are communicating internally, with our global experts and specialists.

A note to the Klick X Team:

Due to our move to the Future of Work about 12 months ago, we moved to a virtual workplace with all the tech and tools in place. Lucky for us that change is not something we are grappling with right now. While our current work practices might be Pandemic Proof, the industry we serve is not. With Tourism in the US, Australia and New Zealand coming to a halt, the flow on effect of these epic changes in travel behaviours will impact many businesses, small and large, likes ours over the coming year. While we are really confident that things will bounce back – we know that when it does business won’t look that same. This is most likely a good thing. 

We are not shifting into panic mode, but more into community mode. We’re taking care of our team and their mental health, as anxiety swirls around them. More than anything, we are doing what we can so that everyone can “contain” their energy during this time.

At the end of this pandemic and subsequent financial fiasco, we are going to see a New normal. Straight up, times are going to get tough, so we do our best with our mental health now we’ll be be ready for rebound. We’ve got this!

Behind the scenes, our Operations Manger, Steph, is working very hard and diligently with our suppliers to ensure they have steps in place for uninterrupted service. 

For Klick X to make it through, we are living by these 4 concepts:

Enterprising – using this time to pivot, create new ideas and find the opportunities in the challenge.

Grounding – No travel (obvs) and getting grounded in your own spiritual practice, whatever that is for each of us.

Virtual – this is a New Normal now.  We are looking for ways for this to be even more commonplace.  Helping our partners think about how their product, event, place or service could benefit from being virtual. 

No Rules – it’s time to break the rules.  The only way we get through something like this is to respond in ways that aren’t the norm.  I challenge each of us to think BIG and break rules.

At this time, the Klick X Way is guiding us in all we do:

Be in Tune – Tune into your emotions and energy. Tune into our partners and each other. What do they need from you? Give yourself what you need to stay positive, focused and agile.

Create Opportunity – there is always opportunity in every challenge.

We’re All In – Nuff said.

Here’s what we are recommending to our remote teams in Europe, Australia, Thailand, and the US

  • Get out in the sun every day. 
  • Limit your in person social interactions
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat good food
  • Boost your immune system every day.  
  • Engage in creative projects
  • Don’t watch too much news on TV – look for inspiration instead
  • Shake up your daily routine
  • Listen to music
  • Unfollow idiots on social media
  • Do something spiritual each day, even if it’s yoga or a bit of journaling
  • Don’t disconnect completely from others. Ramp up virtual connections with each other support each other daily. 

We solve business challenges with creative solutions that boost influence.

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