CREATIVE We solve brand challenges with creative solutions

Klick X is the future of business

The future of our business is not about what we do but what problems we solve.

Our why is to stimulate progress.  We exist to dynamically move you closer to your vision.

We do this by providing creative solutions.


We co-create brands that demand influence

You are looking to take your idea or brand to the next level.

We are creative leaders looking to work with brands that enrich the lives of their consumers.

Together, we will make magic.


X is our commitment to collaboration (Klick X You) and eXpertise

What we do

We provide creative solutions for your brand, your marketing, customer experience and your product innovation needs.

"Klick X are an exciting team to work with and to watch working. They turn the fear of breaking down the wall between you and your customers into excitement. And opportunity."


"Klick X is at the forefront of digital marketing – their work around social strategies and influencer thinking – particularly targeting Australian markets, is second to none. The work that Klick X have done for Alberta is significant, trusted and appreciated."

SUSAN DARCH, Travel Alberta

"Klick X made The Modern a must-do experience for both Australian and US travellers – a true feat given the calibre of properties in Honolulu and the challenging competition in market. The Modern is now a millennial, brag-worthy hot-spot."

DOUGLAS RUCKER, Former Managing Director, The Modern Honolulu

"I love working with and creating stories alongside the Klick X team – in part, it's because they truly understand our readers and our audience's expectations, but also because they're a pleasure to collaborate with. The team's in-depth knowledge of the travel industry and commercial nous is evident in their communications – which are never 'one size fits all'. The team perfectly tailor their ideas to our needs and continually surprise me with their creativity and big-picture thinking. And, their events and activations are always a joy to attend!"

SONYA GELLERT, Travel Editor, Delicious.

Unleash the power of influence for your brand

We solve business challenges with creative solutions that boost influence.

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